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Powerful website analytics that allow you to hyper-target your customers.

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Powerful Analytics

ThreeBar allows for businesses of any size to hyper-target their website's visitors. This can only be done due to the powerful analytics engine that ThreeBar is built upon.

Once a visitor hits your website, ThreeBar performs analysis to determine who that visitor is. ThreeBar is able to give you, the website owner, a complete visitor profile, as well as a confidence score.

Analytics Engine


Of course, this information isn't very useful unless you can do something with it. This is where ThreeBar is unique—we actually allow you to use the data the analytics engine collects as triggers to display custom offers and personalized content to your visitors.

Every element of the visitor's profile can be targeted, including demographics, location data, technology, and more.

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Real-Time Dashboard

ThreeBar's analytics are completely real-time-- view visitor behavior within seconds of it happening on your website. This allows you to react to events quickly, such as floods of traffic from being mentioned in the media.

You can also view aggregate statistics about your website's performance, or drill down into a single user session to see exactly what they looked at and clicked on.

Customizable Widgets

Using one of ThreeBar's pre-built widgets, you can target visitors with customized offers or personal content. In addition to the classic welcome bar, you can embed widgets such as subtle, in-page popups.