Get Your Message Across with ThreeBar

Simple, Effective Content Promotion
Whether it’s a discount, promotion, or a simple hello, ThreeBar ensures your visitors notice.

Get Noticed

ThreeBar is a service designed to help promote content to your readers. As soon as a visitor lands on your web page, a custom designed welcome bar will slide down from the top of the page with your message and button. This message can be a promotion for your new book, a special limited time coupon code, or even just a welcome message to your visitors.

By allowing you to customize the colors, fonts, and text, ThreeBar will help your content get noticed by your visitors and increase your conversion rates.

Powerful Analytics

There's no use in having a great marketing campaign or idea if you can't test exactly how well it works. ThreeBar has a powerful analytics platform behind it that shows you the number of people that have viewed your bar, clicked it, or even closed it.

With these metrics, you can decide whether a ThreeBar you've built is catching you visitors' attention and compare each bar's performance relative to others. This allows you to perform A/B testing and decide on what color scheme and message is appropriate for your audience.

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